• HIGH QUALITY DISC PARTS: JCB have brought you a disc cutting set to use as cutting tools for multiple materials. When used with the correct appliance, are fantastic for home improvement and other professional projects that you may have.

  • THIS SET CONTAINS: 5 piece metal cutting disc 4.5″X7/8″ (115×2.5×22. 23mm), 3 piece Stone cutting disc 4.5″X7/8″ (115×2.5×22. 23mm), 3 piece stainless steel cutting disc 4.5″X7/8″ (115×1.2×22. 23mm). With a range of different sizes, you can pick which blade is best suited to your project, JCB have got you covered!

  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS MATERIALS: Accessories such as this 12 pack of cutting disks are essential to have in your kit to have in hand when a blade loses its sharpness.

  • UNIVERSAL FITTING: These disc blades are equipped with a universal fitting (7/8″ Bore) so that they can be used with most branded angle grinders. This feature is especially handy for a craftsman who may have already built their tool collection and want to develop a kit that caters to all of their appliances.

  • SUPPLIED IN A STORAGE TIN: The 12 blades included in this kit come neatly stacked in a compact tin to give you a more organised and safe way of storing. This tin is also extremely handy to throw in a tool kit bag and is durable when knocked about on a packed tool shelf. Grab this set with blade storage for a brilliant new addition to your tool accessories.