• 18 PIECE SAW SET: JCB have brought you a jigsaw blades set for home improvement or professional work. Manufactured with high quality HCS and HSS jigsaw blades you will have an extremely robust and high quality set of blades that are perfect for cutting through multiple materials such as; wood, metal, laminates and plastics. These are suitable to use with corded and cordless jigsaws with T-shank fitting.

  • JIGSAW TOOL SET INCLUDES: High Chromium (HCS) Jigsaw Blades – 2pcs 2.94″ x 0.05″ x 0.2″ 12T, 2pcs 3.62″ x 0.05″ x 0.31″ 8T, 2pcs 3.94″ x 0.05″ x 0.31″ 6T, 2pcs 3.94″ x 0.05″ x 0.31″ 8T, 2pcs 3.94″ x 0.05″ x 0.31″ 18T, 2pcs 3.94″ x 0.05″ x 0.31″ 6T HSS Jigsaw Blades – 2pcs 2.94″ x 0.04″ x 0.31″ 21T, 2pcs 3.94 x 0.04″ x 0.31″ 8T, 2pcs 4.53 x 0.04″ x 0.31″21t

  • UNIVERSAL FITTING: JCB jigsaw T shank blades have a universal fitting for multiple brands that you may already have in your carpentry tools. This feature is especially convenient for a craftsman who may have already built their tool collection and want to develop a kit that caters to all of their appliances. Each of the jigsaw blades have been labelled to ensure you know the correct measurements of the blade that you are using on your electric tools.

  • VARIETY OF TEETH CONFIGURATIONS: Each of these jigsaw blades have different teeth settings to include applications that provide a fast, coarse or fine finish. JCB have brought you the  best jigsaw blade set that will have you covered for any project or task as you can effectively utilise the variety of teeth settings depending on the desired results. You won’t be searching for a replacement blade after investing in this kit!

  • INCLUDES MOLDED DURABLE CASE: Store all of these blades in the plastic storage case provided for excellent tool organization, this is also a great feature to ensure there are no loose saws lying about which could cause harm. This T-Shank blade set with case has a hard shell to protect your blades meaning that it is extremely durable and this handy case is also fantastic to ensure you don’t misplace your jigsaw blades set.