• 5 PIECE DRILL BIT SET FOR HARD SURFACES: Whether you use these drill parts for home improvement or professional work, JCB have you covered! All of the power drill essentials for tougher materials are included in this set to give you a home tool kit that you can rely on. Invest in this kit if you want a masonry drill bit set to add to your current collection.. this is even the perfect home tool kit with case!

  • HIGH QUALITY SET INCLUDES: Size of drill bits included: 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″. Each of these parts are designed with a sand blasted, precision ground flute for improved drilling performance and control, the carbide tip construction also increases durability and service life to give you a lasting drill bit set for concrete and other tough material.

  • SUITABLE FOR BUILDING MATERIALS: Every tool set should have a drill bit set that can withstand the high force when being applied to hard surfaces, JCB ensure that these drill bit sets are tough enough to tackle dense surfaces with ease. Use the attachments on an impact drill for smooth and efficient drilling without having to put much physical effort in!

  • CLEVER FEATURES FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Manufactured with a robust tip, these drill bits sets have the ability to increase battery life usage of cordless power tools as smoothing drilling occurs and enables less energy to be used through the electric drill. Along with this, the heat treated tips allows for a 5x longer drill bit life which means you won’t have to update your craftsman tool box anytime soon.

  • COMPACT CASE TO INCLUDE IN TOOL KIT STORAGE: Each of the 5 different attachments for power drills are stored in a hard plastic case that has different slots labelled with the measurements of the drill bits, this ensures that you’ll always use the correct size for your projects which is a huge time saver! The case also ensures that these JCB drill bits don’t get lost in your tool box set and means they’ll be easier to find when needed.