• EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY & DURABLE TOOL BAG: Say goodbye to messy tool boxes as JCB have brought you an incredibly sturdy bag for tool storage. Put all of your essential small or medium power tools in this organizer bag for a quick and mess free way to store your tools. The colour of these tool bags are grey/black which further hides dirt and oil stains that may occur when storing construction tools, this compliments the bright JCB logo for an aesthetically pleasing look.

  • MULTIPLE POCKETS FOR ACCESSORIES: This storage bag is equipped with 6 separate outside pockets so that you can easily store spare parts conveniently, this is also a fantastic feature to further use as a tool pouch for small detailing tools. The JCB zipper tool bag, with easily accessible pockets is a fantastic storage solution for organizing and transporting your power tools and accessories.

  • WIDE MOUTH FOR EASY TOOL SELECTION: JCB have designed these tool organizers for portability of your tools but also for ease of use, with a wide opening, you can unzip the upper cover to reveal all of your appliances which stops unwanted time wasting when trying to find your chosen tool. A portable bag like this is easy to throw in your car or van and means you’ll never forget important tools for work!

  • SOFT GRIP HANDLE FOR COMFORT: A heavy duty tool bag needs a heavy duty handle, which is why JCB have made sure your hands and shoulder don’t get fatigued when transporting weighty power tools! The soft grip handle will stop the tough material from digging into your hands and will allow you to carry it for longer. The handle is also made out of strong material to withstand the force of the weight when your large tool bag is filled.

  • SUITABLE FOR MANY TASKS: Whether you’re an electrician or work in construction, this bag has all of the key features that you need to use as a tool organizer for work. Gone are the days of using a craftsman tool box that doesn’t shut properly, even use this bag as a garden tool organizer for easy portability of your gardening tool collection so that your don’t have to keep returning to the garage for pruners! Comes with a separate padded shoulder strap, 5 feet on base.